52-Week Illustration Challenge

I have joined a great facebook group called the 52-Week illustration Challenge. Basically you have to complete an illustration based on a theme and then post it onto the facebook page. It’s full of very supportive and talented people and it’s fun to see everyone else’s ideas on each theme as well as getting instant feedback and praise for your own work.

It’s just what I need, in a time when all I do is think about making artworks but don’t spend as much time actually making artworks and drawing and painting and simply practicing my skills.
Here is my Week 22 submission with the theme “Eyes” with the caption “I don’t think we see eye to eye, Dad.”
Check out the website here


3 thoughts on “52-Week Illustration Challenge

  1. That’s a great idea – a bit like having to reading a book each month for book club! I was showing year 8s my blog as we are doing one for Zestfest. I deliberately went to where it has ‘blogs I follow’ and they all woke up and wanted to see yours! So we all enjoyed checking it out!
    I look forward to week 23!

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