The Patchwork Tree

I have tried a few new techniques in this painting the biggest being using acrylic paints. I have been working in watercolour for the past few years and have both enjoyed and become frustrated with watercolours.
When I use acrylic I paint fast and messily (or painterly, which is a much more forgiving term). I have also used fabric and paper collage on this work. I have had a big stash of old used canvases laying around, some were bargains from the tip shop and others were paintings I completed many years ago and hated. I find painting over a painting tends to add a depth of colour and texture unobtainable when painting on a white new canvas.
I am also obsessed with the amazing illustrator, Shaun Tan and I am striving to achieve the textured quality that he creates in his paintings from his new book “Rules of Summer”.
I may be 5% of the way there.
Hmm? Better keep painting.


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