The Burden of Homesickness

This work will be shown in the next Kalbarri Zest Festival, happening next weekend on the 21st September. It will be displayed as part of the Far from Home exhibition. The Zest festival is a commemoration of the wreck of the Dutch East India ship , the Zuytdorp, which crashed against the cliffs just north of Kalbarri 300 years ago.

This years festival is the second one and has a focus on South Africa and Capetown which was the last stop for the fateful ship. The exhibition is inspired by the journeys and exiles of the sailors aboard the Dutch East India company fleet and artists and community members have been asked to contribute artworks or objects about their own journeys, migrations and travels.

My work reflects my journey across Australia to live in the small town of Kalbarri and my thoughts about feeling out of place and homesick.

The girl with the tree is a common motif in my art and soon she will be travelling again off to plant her tree back in its home.

For more info about the Zest Festival go here.


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