The girl in the white dress.

Over the last couple of years I have made a series of watercolours featuring a girl in a white dress. She represents me but also women in general – mothers, wives, daughters and restless adventurers. She wanders along the journey that is life with a sense of innocence and fragility. She’s that small child that is still inside you – the one that remembers that she is an adult now and has to rise to the challenges that life sets. She is restless and in search of new adventures.

Original artwork for sale – unframed 30cm x 30cm.


2 thoughts on “The girl in the white dress.

  1. This reminds me of the short story book “The Blue Dress” where all the stories (by different authors) are based on the theme of the blue dress.
    When you explain the meaning behind your paintings they take on new meaning for me. I always have my own context of what they are about (which is I think what you mean by representing other women too) but it is interesting to hear that they also represent you and your path and are not just lovely paintings. Interesting.

  2. I like to talk about my interpretation of my paintings but I believe that the audience’s interpretation, whatever that may be, is more important. Roland Barthes theorised the idea of “the death of the author” in which the artist’s or author’s reasons behind making the work are irrelevant and the work should should stand by itself to be viewed by the audience as they wish. I think this means that you get much more out of an artwork because it can speak to your own circumstance and path in life.

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