It all started with fish

Way back when I moved across the other side of the country for my husband’s new job, with two small children and the new task of being a full-time stay-at-home mum, in a small country town, where I knew no-one, I started drawing fish.

Fish are amazing. The rare times I catch one, I just want to study its intricate scales and beautiful textures and then let it swim free again. (unless I’m hungry for fish and chips).

The racing fish was one of my favourites and I set up a redbubble account and sold the design on t-shirts. Redbubble is a great company. It means I can upload an artwork or t-shirt design and redbubble does the rest. They print the t-shirts and post it to customers. I have been lucky enough to have many of my designs chosen for the featured page on the website and this has meant more exposure which in turn has meant more sales.

This was when I really considered myself an artist for the first time.



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