The start of the journey (or actually part way through)

It’s very hard to think about making art as a career.

Actually, it’s very easy to DREAM about making art as a career – to fantasize about spending a whole day painting, drawing, daydreaming and having the luxury to think about ideas in the comfort of your own studio (or in my case spare room) whilst sipping cups of coffee, listening to your favourite tunes and wearing pyjamas all day.

But the reality of pursuing that career with gusto and trying to make a name for yourself is TERRIFYING!!!!

There is the potential for rejection and criticism – rejection of those images and ideas which are so personal and so close to your soul. The potential to “fail” and never fully “get there”. To never feel quite good enough. To feel mediocre.

Or to have the realisation that maybe you are just like those deluded people who insist on getting up in front of the whole world to audition for “Australian Idol” etc. because “My mum thinks I’m good”.

Amidst all this fear of realising my dream, I continue on this artistic journey with the simple knowledge that while I believe in myself, I know that the biggest critic and the most harshest judge will always be me. And that is what keeps me trying and keeps me striving for improvement. It’s what stops me from being insulted by other people’s criticism and rejection. And it’s what always astounds me when people like, love and pay me money for my artwork.


3 thoughts on “The start of the journey (or actually part way through)

  1. Miriam, as you know I absolutely LOVE your art. It is incredible to hear you talk about that fear of failing when you are such a professional. I so look forward to following your blog. I love it already!

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