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Why Choose A Goldco® Self-Directed IRA Account?

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Learn More About Gold IRAs

With a Goldco® Self-Directed IRA account, you can invest in gold just like stocks or bonds in a conventional IRA. You can roll over or transfer an existing retirement account and make allowable annual contributions.

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A Goldco® Self-Directed IRA is an alternative option to protect your IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement accounts from inflation and market volatility that can wreak havoc on your hard-earned retirement savings.

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Ready to Diversify with an IRA Rollover?

Learn more about rolling over your current retirement funds to a Goldco® Self-Directed IRA. Find out if your current retirement plan qualifies for a rollover or transfer, and how you can quickly and easily diversify your portfolio today.

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What Is a Rollover IRA?
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3 Reasons a Self-Directed Gold IRA is Right for You

Are you tired of market volatility and rising inflation wreaking havoc on your retirement savings? If so, a self-directed IRA can be a great tool to keep more of your nest egg. A self-directed IRA account is like a traditional or Roth IRA as it has the same tax rules and contribution limits. However, it lets you invest in non-traditional assets like precious metals with tax advantages. These accounts can also be used for real property, private placements, and tax liens. Yet, many investors opt for precious metals as they’re more stable and less complex. Here are three reasons you should consider investing in precious metals for your self-directed IRA:

1. A Gold IRA allows investment in an asset of stable value

Gold has been around for thousands of years and isn’t going away anytime soon. Gold protects against inflation, which is why it served for centuries as a standard for currencies. In fact, when countries take their currencies off a tangible standard and adopt fiat currency they inevitably create inflation, printing money out of thin air. Therefore, having a precious metals IRA is a smart way to protect yourself against irresponsible monetary policy.

Gold can be a great investment as many leading nations including the US, have substantial debt levels. Unfortunately, the US owes a collective $22 TRILLION which will result in future inflation and other economic problems in the long run. Gold allows you to diversify your assets to protect against this dire situation.

2. Self-directed IRAs come with favorable tax treatment

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why can’t I invest in gold or other precious metals via the bank?” You could stick gold coins in a safe deposit box, but you’d miss out on favorable tax treatment. A self-directed gold IRA account can either be established as a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA. Traditional accounts use pre-tax dollars and only pay taxes when distributions are taken. Roth accounts are funded with after-tax contributions that grow tax-free. Roth accounts can be a powerful tool to help you keep more of your earnings from the tax man.

3. The simplicity of investing in precious metals

A self-directed IRA can be a great tool, but it can have complex rules, loopholes and IRS regulations, particularly with less common investments such as private placement investments, including investing in C corps, LPs and LLCs. These alternative options have many pitfalls and complex rules Pierce Kern County Quantum Pumper Eng. 64 081-01168 However, gold is relatively simple compared to those other investments. Our self-directed IRA services will help you avoid any pitfalls and common errors that are commonly encountered by self-directed IRA investors.

Using a self-directed IRA to invest in precious metals can also give you tax benefits. For example, you can choose either tax-deferred or tax-free gains based on the account type. A self-directed IRA account can be used for other investments like real estate, but the main advantages of investing in gold are stability, tax treatment, and simplicity.

Precious metals don’t have the complexity of stocks and bonds. You don’t have to worry about coupons, dividends, or splits. You can go to any newspaper anywhere in the world to find the prices of gold and silver. Even better, because of the consistent demand for gold and silver there will always be buyers for the precious metals in your self-directed IRA when the time comes for you to sell them.

Whereas stocks and bonds can lose their value and fall to zero, gold’s price remains stable and consistent over time. That’s why it has been trusted by investors who are looking to safeguard their assets and protect them against inflation and financial crisis. The combination of stable value, ease of investment, and favorable tax treatment make investing in gold through a self-directed IRA the right choice for many investors.

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